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Breast cancer awareness & Race for life

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry I didn’t get round to posting last week, exams are really taking their toll. However as promised here’s today’s post, it’s something I’d never normally blog about however I think it’s important that its shared and talked about. It’s a disease close to my heart as I have had friends and family suffer from it.


A few days ago I was a bit further a field, shopping as if you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know I love to do. I was walking and 2 ladies asked if I could do them a favour, and they’d give a me a nail polish and a lipstick, out of sheer curiosity I said yes. They asked if I’d have my picture taken for support of Breast cancer, holding a sign.I was more than happy to, as I have done charity work to raise funds for Breast cancer in the past. I will admit I was a bit embarrassed but it’s for such a good cause, I didn’t mind.


The main point of this post really is to encourage people to join in the race for life. There are so many events you can take part in from ‘pretty muddy’ to a Marathon. I’m asking you dear reader, to take part in this with me so that together we can beat cancer.


Thanks for reading this post, I’ll be back to normal posting however I felt it was a cause that more than deserved a post. While shopping I bought a two Urban Decay products and I’ll be posting my thoughts on them soon. Are you going to be taking part in the Race for life?







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